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• Provides AHA 2010 CPR Guideline Compliant Hands-Free CPR.
       • 30:2 Compressions to Ventilation ratio for face mask

          application (30:2 mode) or
       • Continuous compressions and 9 asynchronous ventilations for
          advanced airway application (CCV mode)
       • Chest compressions at 100 per minute
       • Adjustable chest compression depth  from 0 to 3.2 inches (0

          to 8cm) provides the AHA required “at least 2 inches (5cm)” for

          adults or 1.5 inches (4cm) if needed
       • Compressions are 50:50 systolic to diastolic ratio (50%

          compression length)
       • Automatic Transport Ventilator (ATV) delivers 0 to 1L tidal volume

          coordinated with compressions
       • Able to switch from 30:2 to CCV mode without interruption


• Secured with LIFE-STAT® Patient Restraint System (PRS)

• Massager Pad facilitates stable, safe chest compressions

• Complete chest recoil provided

• Compatible with ITD and ITPR devices

• Works on large range of patient sizes including bariatric patients

• Light weight – 16 lbs. (19.5 lbs. w/base)  


•  Powered by Compressed Oxygen (50-90 psi)

• Will provide CPR for extended periods using light-weight carbon fiber oxygen cylinders


• Electronic control

•  Switch from 30:2 to CCV mode •  Pause/Resume CPR •  Uses long-life 9-volt battery supply

•  Batteries can be “hot swapped” out while unit is running



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